Welcome to Bris’s Creations and thank you for stopping by! Bris’s Creations offers you an exquisite and assorted array of gourmet gelatins, pastries, cakes and more. In addition, Bris’s Creations can also provide you with a wide variety of delicious cheesecakes and scrumptious bon bons. Bris’s Creations is ready to make your ideas come alive for all of your special occasions such as weddings, baby showers and birthdays.

 Once you and your loved ones have tasted Bris’s Creations gourmet gelatins, pastries, cakes, cheesecakes and bon bons, you will want to learn how to make them yourself!

 Bris’s Creations offers classes on how you can learn to make its fine gourmet creations. Bris’s Creations does this in a fun learning environment through excellent bilingual teachers. Bris’s Creations offers classes for the beginning enthusiast up through advanced levels.

 Bris’s Creations is also an authorized distributor of Duche products, which are made of the finest ingredients and are the only products used in Bris’s Creations gourmet products and Bris’s Creations classes.