About Us

Bris's Creations is a family owned and family run company in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bris's Creations teaches all levels of students how to recreate its innovative and fine gourmet creations.  Bris's Creations does this through its chef instructors, many of whom are from other innovative parts of the world, which gives Bris's Creations' Products their international flavor.


The owners of Bris's Creations are visionaries who have turned their love and insight of fine quality gelatin creations into a rewarding teaching experience and a thriving small business.


In addition to a variety of rich, delicious custom made gelatins for all types of occasions. Bris's Creations also produces pastries, cakes and cheesecakes, as well as specially made bon bons, which consits of chocolate, marsmallow and  other delicious ingredients.


Bris's Creations welcomes you in trying its scrumptious products or learning how to make them through its innovative teaching methods.