Cake Classes


Level 1


We teach the student how to make a cake from scratch.  We also teach you to do cookies   , artistic chocolate and an apple dipped in chocolate.  All these are decorated in an artistic way using the technique of painting on fondant and chocolate.



Level 2




This second level is highly artistic and more elaborated because we use the technique of sculpting figures with fondant.  We also teach you technics how to do art with fondant and butter cream.   The student make their own cookies and chocolate and fruit tarts. 



Level 3




In this level the student learn how to do figures on surfaces making then look as if they raising from the cake.   They also learn how to do French macaroon and cupcakes.  We use the cake technics on the macaroons.









Level 4



This level the student learns how to use techniques in butter cream and using an airbrush machine to do portraits on the cake.  We also teach the student how to do portraits on a cookie and french pastries. 


Level  5




The student learn how to sculpt people and how to do their own molds using  silicon.   We also teach them molding chocolate to create figures to decorate the cake.  Also a cookie of a person using different techniques.





Level 6




This level the student learn how to do simple wedding cakes and sugar flowers.  Using different techniques.   We also decorate cookies using the same techniques. 



Level 7




This level is the wedding cake extravaganza techniques in butter cream and fondant.  More elaborated sugar flowers and techniques to make a wedding cake of a lifetime.