Level 1

At this level, you learn to create four flowers and three marshmallows figures:

  • a flower with pointed ends,

  • a sunflower,
  • a thought caption
  • and a simple rose
  • marshmallow figures in the shape of a lion
  • one in the shape of a rabbit 
  • and one in the shape of a cow


Level 2

At this level, you learn to create:

  • a flower that is usually a rose inside of a goblet (We use three techniques)
  • a carnation
  • then you learn to make gelatins that encapsulates fruit
  • you conclude your learning by making fruit pies


Level 3

This level is a little more elaborate, as it requires certain expertise by the student, and that the student already possess a certain level acquired through constant practice:

  • A rose made with a spatula and a rose made with a knife
  • gelatin figures painted in different ways with a wide spectrum of colors
  • Then you go on to the preparation of encapsulated figures, combined with injected beautiful flowers and finally you begin the preparation of artistic chocolates


Level 4

At this level you learn how to

  • create figures which are in raised form from the surface, thereby creating landscapes and holidays themes for any occasion
  • You will also learn the technique of combining molds for the creation of true works of art in this innovative field of artistic gelatins
  • You conclude by learning how to make marshmallow figures with royal icing and fondant


Level 5

This level is one of the most desired by the student who wants to achieve professional level because you learn the use of utensils and the technique of injection for the creation of:

  • A butterfly injected with various colors
  • A butterfly made with utensils and tools
  • colored flower with the technique of injection
  • A chrysanthemum
  • And finally apples dipped and decorated with chocolate


Level 6

Continuing with the injection technique, this level takes us a step further in the making of several flowers in large molds consisting of the creation of:

  • A sunflower, Roses, Caption thoughts and a Carnation
  • A rose made with a large needle
  • Finally, the creation of gelatins combined with pies and mouse. Chocoflan


Level 7

Finally this level leads to the optimum in creativity, where the student gives free rein to their skill and dexterity. This class is designed for the making of spectacular gelatin sculptures with the use of diverse techniques and various utensils.



Additional classes

Every six months, classes will be offered in the preparation of Sculptured cakes, combinations of cakes with gelatins, chocolate bon bons and classes for artistic chocolates and cookies.